The Struggle Toward Wholeness by Wilma Coy

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The Struggle Toward Wholeness
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Wilma Coy
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All of us desire wholeness. We see our need for Christian growth. However, many times we find it an elusive goal. There are no instant answers. No magical formulas. No easy solutions. The deepest need of average Christians requires a total process of divine intervention and transformation. A seasoned counselor of twenty-five years, Wilma Coy shows the reader how to experience an in-depth growth process from salvation to sanctification. The topics reveal what you should know: . How To Be Born Again . How To Release the Holy Spirit . How To Be Delivered From Evil Spirits . How To Be Set Free Emotionally . How To Renew Your Mind . How To Find Out Who You Are in Christ . How To Find Out Where You Fit in the Body of Christ You will experience new hope for your life as you discover Biblical foundations for the cure of souls. You will also learn about the negative re-enforcements which hinder wholeness. This information can set you free. These are: . Deprivation of Love . A Distorted View of God . Guilt . A Distorted View of Self . Inherent Sin . A Distorted View of Others Stressing the healing power of God and how He can bring a miraculous restoration of your soulish and spiritual realms, this book provides life-changing information. It encourages a deeper relationship with God as well as with other people in your life. You will also attain a much more positive self-image. This is a book of hope and challenge as your struggle toward wholeness is changed into victory!

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