Sensible Shoes: A Novel by Sharon Garlough Brown

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Sensible Shoes: A Novel
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Sharon Garlough Brown
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Literature & Fiction
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Come take a sacred journey.

Meg Crane has never had a longing for adventure. She's never even traveled more than two hundred miles from home. But when she receives an invitation from the New Hope Retreat Center to travel deeper into the heart of God, Meg finds herself saying yes.

Against her better judgment.

What will she discover if she begins to walk the winding path through the broken pieces of her past?

Meg isn't the only one who feels apprehensive about the journey. Though the other people gathered at New Hope appear to have life well put together, each of them has a story to tell.

Join Meg, Hannah, Mara, and Charissa as they become unlikely companions on the road to healing, transformation, and self-discovery. Because the long walk leads through the unpredictable terrain of the inner life, the travelers will need courage, patience, perseverance, and of course...

Sensible Shoes.

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