Africa: Through the Mists of Time by Brenda Sullivan

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Africa: Through the Mists of Time
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Brenda Sullivan
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Who were "The Strange Ones"? In this fascinating study of heritage, Brenda Sullivan expands on her investigation of a "pre-San" race from her first book, "Spirit of the Rocks." She dismisses the theory that all rock art is the work of the Bushmen, based on her research that the San married outside their clans and thus roamed throughout sub-Saharan Africa for millennia.

The San refer to rock engravings as the work of their ancestors. Brenda Sullivan launches into a compelling study of the San bloodlines based on evidence of their wanderings and the knowledge that Africa was circumnavigated for the second time as early as 470 BCE at the request of the Carthaginian king, Xerxes.

She emphasizes the preservation of South African rock engravings. "In South Africa the emphasis on fertility, as evinced by the engraved symbols and figures recognizable as such by traditional healers and diviners, and the lack of rock engravings depicting scenes of violence or brutality, should awaken in a reader's mind the urgency of a universal need to respect Earth, our Mother - and to restore to harmony the things of this Earth, this Eden," says Sullivan.

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