Fertility and Chromosome Pairing

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Fertility and Chromosome Pairing
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Fertility and Chromosome Pairing
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This book discusses the nature of meiotic chromosome pairing effects which may play a role in the determination of fertility. In particular, data and illustrations from the application of recently developed electron microscopic spreading techniques will allow researchers in related fields to come to grips with the recent advances in the cytogenetics of meiotic chromosome pairing behavior. Topics dealt with include meiotic and synaptonemal complex behavior in humans and mice with a variety of chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, sex chromosome pairing in mammals and birds, the significance for fertility or pairing in mammals and birds, the significance for fertility of XY pairing and crossing over, the effects of hybridity on pairing and fertility in plants, and the genetic control of synaptonemal complex formation and crossing over in polyploids. This is a timely reference book for graduate level medical and veterinary students, and scientists in the field of genetics and cell biology.

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