Thunderbirds: X-ray Cross Sections by Alex Pang, etc.

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Thunderbirds: X-ray Cross Sections
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Alex Pang, etc.
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Arts & Photography
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"Thunderbirds: The Movie" - From Universal Pictures and Working Title Films, "Thunderbirds" is a live-action feature film based on the hit British television series of the 1960s, which followed the perilous exploits of the Tracy family. "Thunderbirds", starring Bill Paxton and Sir Ben Kingsley, is slated for release in the UK on 23 July 2004. Amongst the biggest stars of the movie are the Thunderbird vehicles themselves. This book features ultra-detailed cutaway drawings that take you under the surface of the five main craft, as well as various support vehicles, Tracy Island and much else besides. The cutaways have been created using the latest computer-imaging software, so producing state-of-the-art illustrations to match the high-tech feel of the movie itself. The main cutaways are supported by full explanatory captioning and by stills from the film, showing the main characters and the vehicles themselves in action.

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