Treasured In Our Hearts by Rebecca A. Niestrath

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Treasured In Our Hearts
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Rebecca A. Niestrath
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"Treasured In Our Hearts" is a book designed to acknowledge the life of one who never took a breath. It is a place to record both the hopes and dreams of parents as well as the realities of losing a child. This book aids parents in the process of grieving by allowing them to honestly address the way the tragic loss of their baby affects their family.

"Treasured In Our Hearts" provides a place to record thoughts, emotions and facts surrounding a stillbirth or late miscarriage. It recognizes that parents' feelings of grief are legitimate. It allows families to reflect not only on their baby, but how his or her existence impacted the life of all family members.

This is a beautiful book that becomes a touchstone for reference when all that is left for families is fading memories. It is already proving extremely helpful in hosptials around the country.

This is hardbound with a white cover, a gold-embossed title, 42 pages with full color illustrations and six blank pages for additional journaling.

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