How to Draw Cartoon Animals (Christopher Hart Titles) by Christopher Hart

How to Draw Cartoon Animals (Christopher Hart Titles) download
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How to Draw Cartoon Animals (Christopher Hart Titles)
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Christopher Hart
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Because people are captivated by the “human” traits in animals, especially those that make us laugh, animals have been an endless source of humor for cartoonists. We chuckle at the antics of Marmaduke and Garfield, recognizing in them amusing behavior in our own pets. We also find humor in more human-like characters such as the irascible Donald Duck and the gloomy Eyore because their personalities remind us of people we know. With their ability to make people laugh, animals are essential in the repertoire of every cartoonist.

In his latest book, Christopher Hart teaches an easy method for capturing the forms and expressions of animals. The book begins by showing how to create simple drawings with just a few strokes of the pen. Following the basic shapes, Hart goes on to depict animal personalities that are based on their physical traits. He covers many different species, from exotic African beasts to common breeds of dogs and cats. A final section shows how animals can be turned into “human” characters that stand upright and wear clothes.

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