Self Confidence Trainer: Train Yourself to Greater Self Confidence and Improved Self Esteem by Roger Innes Elliott, Mark Justin Tyrrell

Self Confidence Trainer: Train Yourself to Greater Self Confidence and Improved Self Esteem download
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Self Confidence Trainer: Train Yourself to Greater Self Confidence and Improved Self Esteem
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Roger Innes Elliott, Mark Justin Tyrrell
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In today's fast paced, high achieving world, a lack of self-confidence can make life difficult. The good news is...Self Confidence can be learned. When you go about it the right way, the skills of self-confidence can come quickly and remarkably easily. "The Self Confidence Trainer" will give you; effective emotional preparation for stressful situations, a "trigger" for self confidence in difficult situations, the ability to relax when you need to, hypnotic deep relaxation sessions, 7 strategies of naturally confident people, a realistic, optimistic and confident thinking style, short summary tracks to remind you quickly of the most important points, a wealth of helpful ideas, new perspectives, tips, techniques and exercises to help you control anxiety, nerves or under confidence in all types of everyday situation. The CD 1 (68 minutes, 48 seconds) includes: introduction; the TEST Model - how to assess your confidence readiness for any situation. The Four pillars of lasting self-confidence. Why the past doesn't have to be a guide to the future; the TEST Model Summary - a quick and easy way to remind yourself of the main points of the preceding section; learning confidence. Avoiding 'unseen' pessimism and negativity; the 7 key skills of naturally confident people; 7 key skills summary; how to think confidently. 3 major confidence mistakes. Avoiding the pitfalls of positive thinking; confidence mistakes summary; how confident people view the world and how you can do it too - the keystone of confidence thinking; summary; and how to relax when you need to. Using visualization and mental rehearsal properly. Hypnotic deep relaxation session to help you have more faith in yourself. The CD 2 (72 minutes, 27 seconds) includes: a hypnotic session to give you a reliable trigger for a confidence boost when you need it most; Performance Patterning - training your brain to help you succeed, not trip up! Performance Patterning Summary; confidence for stressful events; tips to use if you feel under confident or anxious. Effective emotional preparation for anxiety provoking situations. A hypnotic session you can listen to before upcoming events; 7 basic human needs for good self confidence, self esteem and happiness; and summary - getting the most out of your "Self Confidence Trainer". The CD's were professionally recorded by a BBC sound engineer.

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