The Baha'i Faith in America by William Garlington

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The Baha'i Faith in America
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William Garlington
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The Baha'i faith is one of the world's youngest and fastest growing religions, but remains a mystery to many. In The Baha'i Faith in America, William Garlington presents an engaging and accessible overview of the Baha'i beliefs, laws, and organizational structure from its 19th century beginnings to the present day.

Garlington focuses on the historical development of the Baha'i faith in the United States, analyzing the growth of the church and the involvement of the Baha'i faith in critical moments in US history, such as the Civil Rights Movement. William Garlington also takes a close look at contemporary issues facing the community, including the role of women in leadership, attitudes towards homosexuality and abortion, and how the Baha'i faith responds to other religions in America. The Baha'i Faith in America reveals a dynamic and idealistic faith that is attempting to model a worldwide religious community that is compatible with the ongoing process of globalization.

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