How to Negotiate World Wide by Donald W. Hendon, Rebecca Angeles Hendon

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How to Negotiate World Wide
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Donald W. Hendon, Rebecca Angeles Hendon
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Business & Money
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As the world continues to shrink, the ability to operate on a global scale is becoming a necessity for more and more business people. And the rewards of knowing how to negotiate in different markets can be enormous. This work should allow managers to predict which tactics will be picked by negotiators in different nations of the world. Armed with this information ahead of time, managers can come up with countermeasures. Anecdotes, case studies, exercises, checklists and a cultural self-awareness questionnaire are included in the text. The text explains how changing conditions in international business affect the way people negotiate; outlines the stages of negotiation; reveals the price concession patterns preferred by executives from 15 different countries; interprets non-verbal behaviour from a range of cultures; and includes the 73 favourite tactics of executives from 11 countries - and how to counter them.

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