Ukrainian Economic History: Interpretive Essays by Iwan S. Koropeckyj

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Ukrainian Economic History: Interpretive Essays
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Iwan S. Koropeckyj
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This volume contains the papers presented at the Third Quinquennial Conference on Ukrainian Economics, held at the Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University, in 1985. This collection of fourteen previously unpublished essays deals with the one thousand years of Ukrainian economic history prior to the outbreak of the First World War. Contributors include Daniel Kaiser, Thomas Noonan, Stephen Velychenko, Bohdan Krawchenko, Martin Spechler, and many others.

The essays are divided chronologically into three parts, covering the periods of Kyivan Rus', the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and the nineteenth century. They are not intended to give a comprehensive survey of Ukrainian economic history but primarily to deal with important economic issues of particular periods. The problem of the orientation of the Kyivan Principality with regard to the nomadic East and Byzantine South is discussed in the first part. The authors of the volume's second part analyze economic ties with the West and Muscovy during the Cossack period and afterwards.The contributions in the third part deal with the important problems of economic development during Ukraine's rebirth as a modern nation in the nineteenth century. Issues discussed include: population change, industrialization, relations with the Russian imperial metropolis, urbanization, and the development of the southern and western regions (within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy). The introductory essay offers a proposal for a periodization scheme of Ukrainian economic history.

The authors are recognized specialists on Ukrainian history from the United States, Canada, and Ukraine.

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