Quick-E! Pro: Time Management: A Guide For Nurses

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Quick-E! Pro: Time Management: A Guide For Nurses
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As of June 20, 2014, contact hours for nurses are no longer available with this product.

You've chosen one of the most important careers in the world. You have to quickly master new concepts and learn complex professional skills while applying them to the delivery of high-quality patient care. Find the coaching you need to develop and succeed in your profession with Quick-E! Pro.

Manage your time and energize your life

Quick-E! Pro: Time Management: A Guide for Nurses is designed to help you make the most of your time. This one-of-a-kind resource includes proven strategies and techniques as well as charts, graphs, and exercises designed to help you manage your time better, avoid burn out, and improve your work-life balance.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Managing time throughout your career
Chapter 2: Getting started ... today!
Chapter 3: How you spend your time as a nurse
Chapter 4: Delegation: The art of sharing responsibilities
Chapter 5: Through the patient's eyes
Chapter 6: Understanding - and managing - workflow
Chapter 7: Surviving shift work
Chapter 8: Achieving a healthy work-life balance

Intended audience

- Bedside caregivers and staff nurses
- Nurse managers and leaders/charge nurses
- Staff educators/education directors/development specialists

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